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ImageLoader Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property
ajaxOptions An ImageLoaderAjaxOptions object to use when loading an image via AJAX.
Public Property AjaxWithCredentials Indicates whether to send credentials with the XMLHttpRequest for an image.
Public Property canRun Indicates whether the ImageLoader instance can be run.
Public Property element The loaded image element, when Run is successful.
Public Property error An error describing the reason for the image load failure from Run.
Public Property height The height of the successfully loaded Element.
Public Property imagesHolder The HTML Element to use for temporary image loading, when necessary.
Public Property ImgCrossOrigin Indicates how to handle cross-origin image requests.
Public Property isAborted Indicates that the ImageLoader has been aborted.
Public Property isHTMLImageElement Indicates if Element exists and is an HTMLImageElement.
Public Property isWorking A boolean indicating whether the ImageLoader is trying to load an image.
Public Property processAjaxData A callback used to access binary data from an ImageLoaderUrlMode.ajaxDataUrl response.
Public Property tag A reference object to distinguish ImageLoader instances.
Public Property url The URL to load for the image request.
Public Property urlMode Represents the type of loading that will occur when Run is called.
Public Property width The width of the successfully loaded Element.
Public Property WorkingImageElement The HTMLImageElement used in the image request.
Public Property xhr The XMLHttpRequest object used in the image data request.

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