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Overview and description of Leadtools classes, delegates, and enumerations.

Class Description
GeometryTools Utility helper class for common geometry functions.
Class ImageLoader Loads an HTML, SVG, or other XML element from a URL.
Class ImageLoaderAjaxOptions Provides options for use with an ImageLoader AJAX load.
Class ImageLoaderPreRunEventArgs Provides data for the ImageLoader.PreRun event.
Class ImageLoaderPreSendEventArgs Provides data for the ImageLoader.PreSend event.
Class ImageProcessing Provides support for image processing on an HTML5 ImageData.
Class ImageProcessingCompletedEventArgs Contains data for the ImageProcessing.Completed event.
Class ImageProcessingErrorEventArgs Contains data for the ImageProcessing.Error event.
Class ImageProcessingProgressEventArgs Contains data for the ImageProcessing.Progress event.
Class LeadCollection Represents a dynamic data collection that provides notifications when items get added, removed, or when the whole list is refreshed.
Class LeadEvent LEADTOOLS support for JavaScript events.
Class LeadEventArgs Represents the base class for classes that contain event data, and provides a value to use for events that do not include event data.
Class LeadEventType Default event object.
Class LeadLengthD Stores a length value.
Class LeadMatrix Represents a 3x3 affine transformation matrix used for transformations in 2-D space.
Class LeadPointD Stores two numbers that represent the coordinates of a point (X and Y).
Class LeadRectD Stores four numbers that represent the coordinates and size of a rectangle (X, Y, Width, and Height).
Class LeadSizeD Stores two numbers that represent the size (Width and Height).
Class LTHelper Represents a helper class used by the various LEADTOOLS components to detect the current browser and operating system.
Class LTVersion Holds properties about the version of LEADTOOLS being used.
Class NotifyLeadCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the LeadCollection.CollectionChanged event.
Class RasterSupport Contains methods and properties to set the client LEADTOOLS license.
Class SetLicenseUriResult Result of calling RasterSupport.setLicenseUri.

Delegate Description
ImageLoaderProcessAjaxDataCallback A callback type for use with ImageLoader.processAjaxData.
Delegate LTRender A generic callback type with no parameters and a void return type.

Enumeration Description
ImageLoaderUrlMode Specifies the mode by which the image or XML will be loaded.
Enumeration LTBrowser Specifies the current browser.
Enumeration LTDevice Specifies the current device.
Enumeration LTOS Specifies the current operating system.
Enumeration NotifyLeadCollectionChangedAction Describes the action that caused a CollectionChanged event.
Enumeration RasterKernelType Indicates the Leadtools Kernel type.
Enumeration RasterSupportType Indicates the optional LEADTOOLS feature to check.
Enumeration RasterViewPerspective Indicates the view perspective of the image data.

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