kernelType Property


Gets the type of the LEADTOOLS kernel.

Object.defineProperty(RasterSupport.prototype, 'kernelType', 
	get: function() 
static kernelType: RasterKernelType; // read-only 

Property Value

A RasterKernelType enumeration member indicating the LEADTOOLS kernel type. The default value is evaluation.


The following table describes the types of LEADTOOLS kernel:

Kernel Description
Release This is the Release kernel.
Nag This is a special build of the kernel, which has specialty features (such as Document Imaging and Medical Imaging) unlocked. This kernel is provided to Document and Medical imaging customers, and displays a "nag" message during execution. To remove the nag, you must sign a royalty agreement. For more information, contact
Evaluation This is the Evaluation kernel, which has all features unlocked, but displays an "eval" message during execution. This kernel will also expire.


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