DefaultImgCrossOrigin Field


Indicates the default for ImgCrossOrigin.

ImageLoader.defaultImgCrossOrigin = (default value); 
static defaultImgCrossOrigin: string; 

Field Value

A string indicating what the crossOrigin attribute of the HTMLImageElement used in the request should be set to for new ImageLoader instances. The default value is 'anonymous'. Any string is acceptable, but other important values include 'use-credentials' and null.


This property is only useful with ImageLoaderUrlMode.ImageUrl. For ImageLoaderUrlMode.AjaxDataUrl or ImageLoaderUrlMode.AjaxXml, see DefaultAjaxWithCredentials and AjaxWithCredentials.

DefaultImgCrossOrigin is used to set the ImgCrossOrigin instance property for each new ImageLoader. The ImageLoader's ImgCrossOrigin value is the actual value used in setting the HTMLImageElement.crossOrigin in the WorkingImageElement.

For more information, including a discussion of the effect of the different string values, see ImgCrossOrigin.


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