url Property


The URL to load for the image request.

Object.defineProperty(ImageLoader.prototype, 'url', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
url: string; 

Property Value

The URL to load for the image. Default value is null.


The Url property is required to be set before calling Run. By default, the UrlMode is ImageLoaderUrlMode.ImageUrl, so the provided Url will be set directly to the src attribute of WorkingImageElement.

If the UrlMode is ImageLoaderUrlMode.AjaxDataUrl or ImageLoaderUrlMode.AjaxXml and the result image is an HTML Image Element (IsHTMLImageElement is true), there is the chance that the src attribute of Element will not be equal to the original Url; instead it may be a data/blob URI.

See Run and ImageLoaderUrlMode for more information. See ImgCrossOrigin for CORS discussions.


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