TextDocumentOptions Object


Provides extra options to use when saving a document to a text file using the LEADTOOLS Document Writers.


JavaScript Syntax
function lt.Documents.Writers.TextDocumentOptions 
	extends lt.Documents.Writers.DocumentOptions 
TypeScript Syntax
class lt.Documents.Writers.TextDocumentOptions() 
	extends lt.Documents.Writers.DocumentOptions 


The options set in the TextDocumentOptions class will be used when the user saves a document using the DocumentFormat.Text format.

The TextDocumentOptions class contains the following properties:

Property Description
DocumentType The type of the Text document (ANSI, UTF8 or UNICODE).
Formatted To control whether the output file will be just a flow of text or try to maintain almost the same shape of original page (i.e. margins and lines between paragraphs using spaces).
AddPageBreak Add an optional marker between pages in the resulting text file.
AddPageNumber Print the page numbers in the resulting text file.

Target Platforms

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