DocumentConverterJobData Class Properties


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Public Properties

Name Description
annotations Optional extra annotations to use by this conversion.
annotationsMode Controls how annotations are saved in the output document.
documentFormat Output format to use for document conversion.
documentName Name of the document to be generated by this conversion.
documentOptions The options to use during document conversion.
emptyPageMode Determines how empty pages are treated during the conversion.
enableSvgConversion Indicates whether SVG conversion should be used if available.
inputDocumentFirstPageNumber Number of the first page to be converted from the input document
inputDocumentLastPageNumber Number of the last page to be converted from the input document
jobErrorMode Controls how the engine handles errors that may occur during conversion.
jobName Optional job name.
pageNumberingTemplate Template to use for the individual file names when the output format does not support multi-pages.
preprocessorDeskew Indicates that automatic deskewing should be used.
preprocessorInvert Indicates that automatic inversion correction should be used.
preprocessorOrient Indicates that automatic orientation correction should be used.
rasterImageBitsPerPixel Bits per pixel to use for the output document when raster conversion is used.
rasterImageFormat Output format to use for raster conversion.
svgImagesRecognitionMode Indicates how to treat the image elements encountered in the input SVG page during the conversion.
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