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Leadtools.Documents Enumerations


Overview and description of Leadtools Documents enumerations.

Enumeration Description
DocumentCacheStatus The status of this document in the cache.
DocumentConverterAnnotationsMode Annotation conversion options.
DocumentConverterEmptyPageMode Controls how empty pages are treated during the conversion.
DocumentConverterJobErrorMode Controls how the engine handles errors that may occur during conversion.
DocumentConverterSvgImagesRecognitionMode Determines how image elements inside SVG documents are treated during SVG conversion.
DocumentFontStyles Font style.
DocumentGetSvgOptions Options to use when getting an SVG document for a page.
DocumentLinkType Type of a document link object.
DocumentPageFitType Specifies how to fit the page when an internal link is invoked.
DocumentTextExtractionMode Mode to use when extracting text from this document.
DocumentUploadProgressState Specifies the state of the document upload.
OcrEngineStatus Status of the OCR engine on the server.
RasterImageFormat Indicates the raster image file format.
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Leadtools.Documents Assembly