message Property


A user-safe string that encompasses the Documents Service Exception object.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(ServiceError.prototype, 'message', 
	get: function() 
TypeScript Syntax
message: string; // read-only 

Property Value

A string that is suitable to return in an application if necessary to alert the user to an error that may require action.


While Detail will contain the actual Exception.Message property, Message will be a generic, user-safe string. The string is always at least method-specific, and sometimes specific to the exact issue (for example, if the wrong password is passed to Decrypt, the Message property will be "Incorrect Password" instead of a more generic "The decryption failed".

This value, along with the Detail string, are used to understand the Exception from the Documents Service.

While Message is always a user-safe string, there may be times where the Exception.Message property in the Documents Service is user-safe; in this case, Message and Detail will be the same, while ExceptionType will be DocumentsService.ServiceException.

See ServiceError for more information.


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