abortUploadDocument Method


Informs the cache to stop allowing uploads of the document to this uri.


JavaScript Syntax
abortUploadDocument = function(uri) 
TypeScript Syntax
static abortUploadDocument(uri: string): JQueryPromise<any>; 



The uri data is begin uploaded to with UploadDocument.

Return Value

A voidPromise object that may resolve successfully.


After BeginUpload has resolved and returned a uri, UploadDocument is used to upload chunks of data to the server. AbortUploadDocument is used to clear the cache entry for the document upload when the developer knows the upload will not be completed.

Unlike with UploadFile, the Promise object returned by UploadDocument does not have an Abort method. Instead, AbortUploadDocument must be called. This will not necessarily cause the Promise object from this method to fail immediately, but continued calls to UploadDocument will.

Refer to Uploading Using LEADTOOLS Documents Library for more information on how to use this method.


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