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Public Properties

Name Description
annotations Gets the object that manages the annotations of the document.
autoDisposeDocuments Indicates whether to automatically dispose any child documents.
barcodes Object that manages the barcodes of the document.
cacheStatus The cache status of this document.
cacheUri The URL to the original document's image data if it was stored in the cache.
defaultResolution Default resolution in dots per inch of this document.
documentId Gets the unique identifier of this document.
documents Object that manages the children of this document.
fileLength Length of the original document file or URL
hasDocuments Determine whether this document has children.
images Gets the object that manages the raster and SVG image settings of the document.
isDecrypted Gets a value that indicates whether this document has been decrypted.
isEncrypted Gets a value that indicates whether this document is encrypted.
isLocal Indicate that this document has been created by the user.
isReadOnly Indicate that this document is read-only and cannot be modified.
isStructureSupported Gets a value that determines if the document structure is supported.
lastCacheSyncTime Timestamp of when the document was last saved to the cache successfully.
metadata Gets the object that manages the metadata of the document.
mimeType Gets the MIME type of the document.
name Name of the document.
pages Gets the object that manages the pages of the document.
serviceUserData User data to be passed to the service with the next Documents Service call.
structure Gets the object that manages the structure and table of content of the document.
text Gets the object that manages the text and OCR recognition settings of the document.
unitsPerInch Number of units per inch used for document coordinates.
uri Gets the URL to the original document physical location.
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