readBarcodes Method


Read the barcodes found on this page.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentPage.prototype.readBarcodes = function(bounds, maximumBarcodes, symbologies) 
TypeScript Syntax
readBarcodes(bounds: LeadRectD, maximumBarcodes: number, symbologies: BarcodeSymbology[]): JQueryPromise<BarcodeData[]>; 



Search area in page coordinates. If this value is Empty, then the whole page is searched for barcodes.


Maximum number of barcodes to read. Use -1 to read all the barcodes found.


Barcode symbologies to search for. If this value is null or an empty array, then all barcode symbologies are used.

Return Value

A Promise object that may resolve successfully to an array of objects of type BarcodeData containing the data for each barcode found. An empty array is returned if no barcodes were found on the page.


This method uses the engine set in the service. If this value is null then no barcodes are read and this method will return an empty array.

This method calls getImageUrl and then reads the barcodes found.

Since the search area and options used can differ greatly from one call to the another, the document will never save the barcodes found in the cache. Each call to ReadBarcodes will re-read all the barcodes from the page image.


For an example, refer to DocumentBarcodes.


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