getImageResized Method


Gets this page as a raster image with the specified size.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentPage.prototype.getImageResized = function(width, height) 
TypeScript Syntax
getImageResized(width: number, height: number): string; 



Requested width in pixels.


Requested height in pixels.

Return Value

The URL to an image of this page.


This method will be deprecated. Use GetImageResizedUrl instead.

getImageUrl is used to get a raster image representation of this page. All document types support this method and it will always return a value object.

This method works as follows (the "item" is a raster image with the specified resolution):

  1. If an item was found in the cache, it is returned right away.

  2. If this is an original page in the source document file (the value of OriginalPageNumber is not -1), then the image object is loaded from the original page.

  3. If this is not an original page in the source document file (the value of OriginalPageNumber is not 1), then a new image object is created based on the page size and resolution and the default values in DocumentImages.

  4. The image object is saved to the cache before it is returned. Next time this method is called, the image will be returned from the cache directly without loading it from the file or creating a new instance.

Refer to Loading Using LEADTOOLS Documents Library for more information.


For an example, refer to LoadFromUri.


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