getThumbnailsGrid Method


Gets an image that contains one or more page thumbnails.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentImages.prototype.getThumbnailsGrid = function(firstPageNumber, lastPageNumber, maximumGridWidth) 
TypeScript Syntax
getThumbnailsGrid(firstPageNumber: number, lastPageNumber: number, maximumGridWidth: number): string; 



1-based number of the first page number in the document.


1-based number of the last page number in the document.


The maximum width of the grid in pixels.

Return Value

A raster image object that contains the thumbnails in a grid layout.


This method will be deprecated. Use GetThumbnailsGridUrl instead.

GetThumbnailsGridUrl can be used to obtain the thumbnails of one or more pages in a single call. The result image will contain the images in a grid layout. The grid with will be less than or equal to maximumGridWidth in pixels and the height is determined automatically from the number of images to obtain.

The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer can use GetThumbnailsGridUrl to speed up obtaining the thumbnails of the pages in the document instead of iterating each page and calling DocumentPage.GetThumbnailImageUrl.

Note that this method does not update the cache.


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