createPage Method


Creates a new DocumentPage


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentPages.prototype.createPage = function(size, resolution) 
TypeScript Syntax
createPage(size: LeadSizeD, resolution: number): DocumentPage; 



Size of the new page in document units. Cannot be empty (Empty).


The resolution of the new page in dots per inch (DPI). Must be greater than or equal 0. A value of 0 means

default resolution of 96.

Return Value

The newly created page.


Use this method to create new pages to be add in this Document. The constructor of DocumentPage is not accessible and this is the only method that allows you to create a DocumentPage.

The created page is not added automatically, to the document you must use Add or Insert to add the page.

The returned DocumentPage set as its size as its Resolution.

size is in document units, refer to Documents Library Coordinate System for more information.


For an example, refer to DocumentFactory.Create.


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