unembedSvgImages Property


Unembed the image elements inside the SVG.


JavaScript Syntax
Object.defineProperty(DocumentImages.prototype, 'unembedSvgImages', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
TypeScript Syntax
unembedSvgImages: boolean; 

Property Value

true to unembed the image elements inside the SVG; otherwise, false. Default value is false.


The DocumentPage.GetSvgUrl method is used get a page as an SVG document. When the value of UnembedSvgImages is false (the default), the result SVG will be self-contained with no references to any external resources. For example, all the <image> elements inside the SVG will be in a data URI format with the image pixel data embedded as a base 64 string.

If the value of UnembedSvgImages is true, then the engine will extract the pixel data of the embedded images from the SVG document, save them to the cache and replace them with a URL. This requires the cache system to be setup with a virtual directory otherwise an error will occur.

UnembedSvgImages should not be used if DocumentGetSvgOptions.DropImages is used along with DocumentPage.GetSvgBackImageUrl to return the images portion of the page separately than the main SVG.

The LEADTOOLS Document Viewer leaves this value to the default of false.


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