clipText Method


Creates a new DocumentPageText from a portion of this text data.


JavaScript Syntax
DocumentPageText.prototype.clipText = function(bounds) 
TypeScript Syntax
clipText(bounds: LeadRectD): DocumentPageText; 



The area to clone. This value is in document coordinates.

Return Value

New DocumentPageText.


Use this method to create a copy of DocumentPageText that contains only the characters that intersect with a specified rectangle. For example, if your application contains functionality where the user can select a portion of the page using rubber band to extract text from, then you can use ClipText on the page object to return a new object that can be used with BuildWords or BuildText to parse only the words and text of the area.

ClipText works by checking the value of DocumentCharacter.Bounds of each item in characters. If the value intersects, then it is added to the Characters list of the new object.

If the value of bounds is empty (IsEmpty), then this method returns an exact copy of this DocumentPageText.

bounds must be in document coordinates. Refer to Documents Library Coordinate System for more information.


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