DocumentFactory Class Methods


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Public Methods

Name Description
abortUploadDocument Informs the cache to stop allowing uploads of the document to this uri.
beginUpload Gets a uri on the cache to upload a document.
create Creates a new empty virtual document.
deleteFromCache Deletes the specified Document from the cache.
downloadDocument Downloads a document from the cache.
isUploadDocumentUri Gets a value that indicate whether the URL points to a special LEAD cache scheme.
loadFromCache Retrieves the document matching the given documentId string from the cache.
loadFromUri Loads a document from existing data stored in a remote URL.
prepareAjax.remove Event that occurs before any AJAX request is made to the server to allow the user to examine or modify the parameters passed.
saveToCache Saves the document to the cache.
uploadDocument Uploads the specified data to the cache.
uploadFile Uploads a new document to the server.
verifyService Makes a parameter-less call to the Documents Service to verify a proper connection.
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