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FontHeight Property

Font height in PDF units.
public double FontHeight { get; set; } 
Public Property FontHeight As Double 
public double getFontHeight(); 
public void setFontHeight( 
   double doubleValue 
property double FontHeight { 
   double get(); 
   void set (    double ); 

Property Value

A System.Double that represents the font height in PDF units (1/72 of an inch and bottom left). The default value is 0.


This value contains the height of this PDF text object in PDF units (1/72 of an inch and bottom left). You can use the PDFDocumentPage.ConvertPoint method to convert the value to a pixels or inches and then to points if required. Here is an example:

// Get the font height in PDF units, which 1/72 of an inch, i.e. in points 
double fontHeightPoints = pdfObject.TextProperties.FontHeight; 
// Convert to inches:  
double fontHeightInches1 = fontHeightPoints / 72.0; 
// Or use PDFDocumentPage.ConvertPoint to convert to inches: 
PDFPoint pt = new PDFPoint(0, fontHeightPoints); 
double fontHeightInches2 = pdfDocumentPage.ConvertPoint(PDFCoordinateType.Pdf, PDFCoordinateType.Inch, pt).Y; 
// And pixels: 
double fontHeightPixels = pdfDocumentPage.ConvertPoint(PDFCoordinateType.Pdf, PDFCoordinateType.Pixel, pt).Y; 

This value contains the external and internal leading of the text item, to get the bounds of the box that exactly surrounds the text object, use PDFObject.Bounds.

For more information, refer to PDF Coordinate System.


For an example, refer to PDFObject.


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