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IsPortfolio Property


Indicates whether this PDF document is a portfolio.

public bool IsPortfolio {get;} 

public boolean isPortfolio(); 

Property Value

true if the PDF document is portfolio; otherwise, false.


A PDF file can be created as a portfolio, which contains multiple files assembled into an integrated unit. In these types of documents, the file contains a single generic help page with text such as "For the best experience, open this PDF portfolio in a compatible viewer". It can also contain any number of attachments, as well as a schema to control how to view the document.

The value of IsPortfolio will be true if the file is a PDF portfolio. It is up to the application to determine further handling of the file.

IsPortfolio and HasEmbeddedFiles are automatically populated by the PDFDocument constructor.

Calling ParseDocumentStructure with the PDFParseDocumentStructureOptions.EmbeddedFiles flag to parse the schema and embedded files (attachments) found in the PDF document and populate the EmbeddedFiles and EmbeddedFilesSchemas collections.

Generally, the PDF document is considered to be a portfolio when it has one or more embedded file schemas. In this case, the Pages collection will have a single page containing generic help instructions and is used if the application does not support PDF schemas. Otherwise, the application can read the EmbeddedFilesSchemas collection and construct the necessary UI to view the embedded files. Pages should not be used.

A PDF document with one or more embedded files but no schema will have the value of IsPortfolio set to false and EmbeddedFilesSchemas will be empty. Therefore, this is a normal PDF with attachments. Pages will contain one or more pages of the actual document that can and should be viewed normally. The attachments included in EmbeddedFiles can be processed further if desired (for instance, in a separate attachments UI interface).


For an example, refer to EmbeddedFiles.

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