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Bounds Property

Bounding rectangle of the object.
public PDFRect Bounds { get; set; } 
Public Property Bounds As PDFRect 
public PDFRect getBounds(); 
public void setBounds( 
   PDFRect pDFRect 
property PDFRect Bounds { 
   PDFRect get(); 
   void set (    PDFRect ); 

Property Value

A PDFRect structure that contain the bounding rectangle of the object in PDF units (1/72 of an inch and bottom left). Default value is an empty PDFRect with all values initialized to 0.


The bounds of an object is read in PDF units, these are in 1/72 of an inch and a are bottom-left on the page. In other words, the 0,0 location is the bottom left corner of the page. To convert these units to inches or pixels in top-left coordinates, use the PDFDocumentPage.ConvertRect method as follows:

PDFRect coords = pdfObject.Bounds; 
// Convert to pixels: 
PDFRect pixels = page.ConvertRect(PDFCoordinateType.Pdf, PDFCoordinateType.Pixel, coords); 

For more information, refer to PDF Coordinate System.

If this object is a text item (ObjectType is PDFObjectType.Text), then the Bounds property contains the exact bounding box of the character in Code. This box does not include the internal or external leading spaces adding by the font used. To obtain this information, you must use the values of the TextProperties property.

If this object is an image item (ObjectType is PDFObjectType.Image), then the Bounds property contains the bounding box of the image in the PDF page. The example of PDFObject shows how to extract the image data from the PDF page.


For an example, refer to PDFObject.


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