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PDFFont Structure Members


The following tables list the members exposed by PDFFont.

Public Properties

Name Description
Public Property DescendantCID Descendant CIDFont name if this is a Type 0 font.
Public Property EmbeddingType Font embedding type.
Public Property Encoding Character set encoding used by this font.
Public Property FaceName The name of the face of this font.
Public Property FontStyle (Deprecated) Style of this font. NOTE: This property has been deprecated. Infer the font style from the font name.
Public Property FontType Type of font.

Public Fields

Name Description
Public Field EncodingMacExpertEncoding PDF Mac Expert font encoding.
Public Field EncodingMacRomanEncoding PDF Mac Roman font encoding.
Public Field EncodingPDFDocEncoding PDF Doc font encoding.
Public Field EncodingStandardEncoding PDF standard font encoding.
Public Field EncodingWinAnsiEncoding PDF Windows ANSI font encoding.
Public Field TypeCIDFontType0 PDF CID font type 0.
Public Field TypeCIDFontType2 PDF CID font type 2.
Public Field TypeMMType1 PDF font type MM 1.
Public Field TypeTrueType PDF TrueType font type.
Public Field TypeType0 PDF font type 0.
Public Field TypeType1 PDF font type 1.
Public Field TypeType3 PDF font type 3.

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