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Code Property

Character code value of this PDFObject text item.
public char Code { get; set; } 
Public Property Code As Char 
public char getCode(); 
public void setCode( 
   char charValue 
property char Code { 
   char get(); 
   void set (    char ); 

Property Value

A System.Char that contain the UNICODE character code of this PDFObject text item. The default value is 0.


The Code property is only valid for text items, i.e., when the value of ObjectType is PDFObjectType.Text. The text properties such as font information and color will be stored in the TextProperties property of this object.

White space characters such as a space or a tab are parsed by default and returned as individual objects. You can stop this behavior by OR'ing the PDFParsePagesOptions.IgnoreWhiteSpaces enumeration member with PDFParsePagesOptions.Objects in the options parameter passed to PDFDocument.ParsePages. Note: To re-construct the words and lines of text in the page without white characters by using the PDFTextProperties.IsEndOfWord and PDFTextProperties.IsEndOfLine properties. The PDFTextPropertiesexample demonstrates this.

Note: Currently, LEADTOOLS does not support extracting true UNICODE characters from a PDF file. Only ASCII characters are read and then converted to UNICODE.


For an example, refer to PDFObject to show how to draw the objects of a PDF page to an image and PDFTextProperties to show how to write the text of a PDF page to an external file.


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