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FileName Property

Gets or sets the name of the file associated with this PDFFile.
public string FileName { get; set; } 
Public Property FileName As String 
public String getFileName(); 
public void setFileName( 
   java.lang.String string 
property String^ FileName { 
   String^ get(); 
   void set (    String^ ); 

Property Value

A System.String that contains the name of the file associated with this PDFFile. The default value is a null reference .


The PDFFile object must be associated with an existing PDF file on disk when performing any of the actions using the various methods of the class. You can also set the filename when creating the object using the PDFFile(string fileName) or PDFFile(string fileName, string password) constructors.

When you change the filename of a PDFFile object, all previous data is invalidated and the following properties returned to their default values, as follows:

Some PDF files are encrypted and require a password before they can be used. Encrypted files must have the Password property set to the correct value before using the other properties and methods of the object. Use IsEncrypted to determine whether the PDF file is encrypted and requires a password.

After you set the filename and optional password, call the Load method to populate the DocumentProperties and Pages properties of this PDFFile object with the correct values read from the file.

In certain situation, you may want to associate a PDFFile with a Postscript and not a PDF file (for example, to create a PDFFile object and call its Distill method to convert the Postscript file to PDF).


For an example, refer to PDFFile.


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