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GetImage Method


Gets a raster image of a page.

public virtual RasterImage GetImage( 
   LeadRect sourceRect, 
   LeadSize imageSize, 
   bool cache 



The area, in pixels, of the page to render.


The output size, in pixels, of the returned image.


If true, then the returned image will be stored for reuse. If the other parameters match the stored image, then the stored image will be returned.

If false, the stored image will not be saved or reused.

Return Value

A Leadtools.RasterImage representing the rendering of the requested page.


sourceRect is a top-left rectangle that must be within the bounds of [0, 0] to Size.Width, Size.Height.

If cache is true, then the returned image should neither be disposed nor stored. It can be internally disposed in the next call to this method. If cache is false, then the returned image may be saved and/or disposed.

Call the ClearCache method to dispose the stored image, if needed. However, it is automatically disposed when the IPageRasterizer is disposed.

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