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GetPageCount Method

Gets the number of pages in this PDFFile object.
public int GetPageCount() 
Public Function GetPageCount() As Integer 
public int getPageCount(); 
int GetPageCount();  

Return Value

A System.Int32 that represents the number of pages in this PDFFile object.


This method will obtain the number of pages in the PDF file set in FileName. Since obtaining the number of pages might require decrypting a secured file, the value of the password set in Password will be used if the file is encrypted.

To get the size of each page in a PDF file, use the Load method which populates the Pages collection with an PDFFilePage for each page.

This method is faster than calling Load and using Pages.Count since it does not parse the page sizes not load the document properties.


This example will return the number of pages inside a PDF file.

using Leadtools; 
using Leadtools.Codecs; 
using Leadtools.Controls; 
using Leadtools.Drawing; 
using Leadtools.ImageProcessing; 
using Leadtools.Pdf; 
using Leadtools.Svg; 
using Leadtools.WinForms; 
public void PDFFilePageCountExample() 
   string pdfFileName = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, @"Leadtools.pdf"); 
   // Show the number of pages 
   PDFFile file = new PDFFile(pdfFileName); 
   int pageCount = file.GetPageCount(); 
   Console.WriteLine("File has {0} pages", pageCount); 
static class LEAD_VARS 
   public const string ImagesDir = @"C:\LEADTOOLS21\Resources\Images"; 
Imports Leadtools 
Imports Leadtools.Codecs 
Imports Leadtools.Pdf 
Imports Leadtools.WinForms 
Imports Leadtools.Svg 
Imports Leadtools.ImageProcessing 
Public Sub PDFFilePageCountExample() 
   Dim pdfFileName As String = Path.Combine(LEAD_VARS.ImagesDir, "Leadtools.pdf") 
   ' Show the number of pages 
   Dim file As PDFFile = New PDFFile(pdfFileName) 
   Dim pageCount As Integer = file.GetPageCount() 
   Console.WriteLine("File has {0} pages", pageCount) 
End Sub 
Public NotInheritable Class LEAD_VARS 
   Public Const ImagesDir As String = "C:\LEADTOOLS21\Resources\Images" 
End Class 

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