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Signatures Property


Gets a list of the digital signatures found on this page.

public IList<PDFSignature> Signatures {get;} 
Public ReadOnly Property Signatures As IList(Of PDFSignature) 
public java.util.List<PDFSignature> getSignatures(); 
property IList<PDFSignature^>^ Signatures { 
   IList<PDFSignature^>^ get(); 

Property Value

An IList of PDFSignature items that contain the digital signatures found on the page. The default value is null.


By default, the Annotations, Objects, FormFields, Signatures, and Hyperlinks lists are not populated when a new PDFDocument is created. The values of these properties are null. You must call the PDFDocument.ParsePages method to parse the items that you are interested in (depending on the PDFParsePagesOptions passed as the options parameter to the method). This is done for performance reasons and to give the user the ability to parse only the objects and pages of interest.

The Signatures list will be populated if PDFParsePagesOptions.Signatures is passed as part of the options parameter to PDFDocument.ParsePages. After this method returns, all the pages parsed will have their Signatures properties populated either with a list of the digital signatures found in the page, or an empty list (with IList.Count equal to 0).

When parsing is finished, the Signatures property will contain a list of the PDFSignature items found in the page.

Note on using PDFParsePagesOptions.Signatures: PDFDocument.ParsePages will automatically call PDFDocument.GetDigitalSignatureSupportStatus to query the status of reading PDF digital signatures. If this method indicates that digital signatures are not available or not supported, then the PDFParsePagesOptions.Signatures is removed and the signatures are not read.


For an example on general parsing of PDF pages, refer to PDFDocumentPage. For an example on drawing the objects of a page on the surface of an image, refer to PDFObject.


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