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PDFHyperlink Structure

Contains information of a single PDF hyperlink.
public struct PDFHyperlink 
Public Structure PDFHyperlink  
   Inherits System.ValueType 
public class PDFHyperlink 
public value class PDFHyperlink : public System.ValueType  

The PDFHyperlink structure contains information of a single PDF hyperlink. To read hyperlinks from a PDF file, use the PDFDocument.ParsePages method with the PDFParsePagesOptions.Hyperlinks specified in the options parameter passed to the method. The PDFDocumentPage'sPDFDocumentPage.Hyperlinks collections will be populated with the hyperlinks of the page.

A hyper link is not a visible object on the page, rather, it is parsed from the text of the object. So for every hyperlink on a page, there will also exist the actual PDFObject of type PDFObjectType.Text that forms the hyperlink text. The PDFDocumentPage.Hyperlinks collection gives you a quick access to all the hyperlinks of a page in one convenient location.

The PDFHyperlink structure contains these properties:

  • Bounds: This is the location and size on the hyperlink of the link hot spot. An external viewer may choose to change the mouse cursor shape to a "Hand" when the user hovers over this link and proceed to perform the action of the link when the user clicks link.

  • Hyperlink: The hyperlink string read from the PDF document. An external viewer may choose to start an external application such as a web browser when this link is clicked.

  • TextProperties: The hyperlink text properties such as font information and color.


For an example, refer to PDFDocumentPage


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