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PDFEmbeddedFile Class


Properties of an embedded file (attachment) in this document.

public class PDFEmbeddedFile 
public class PDFEmbeddedFile 

PDF documents support embedded files of any type. The file can be another PDF, a TIF file, a JPEG image, or any other binary or textual data.

The embedded files (attachments) of a PDF document can be read using the following:

The binary data of an embedded file can be extracted and saved to an output file or stream using PDFFile.ExtractEmbeddedFile.

PDFEmbeddedFile contains the following members:

Member Description
FileNumber 1-based file number of this embedded file. This is a unique value
FileName Embedded file name
ObjectNumber PDF object number of this embedded file. This is a unique value
Description Description of this embedded file. This is optional
FileSize Size of the file in bytes
Created Date this file was created
Modified Date this file was last modified
SchemaValues Values for the PDF schema if this PDF is a portfolio. This is optional

Note that the FileName may not be unique in the collection of embedded files found in a PDF document. Instead, use the FileNumber or ObjectNumber property to get a unique identifier for the embedded file.

FileNumber is used as the parameter to identify the embedded file to extract using PDFFile.ExtractEmbeddedFile.

Refer to PDFDocument.EmbeddedFiles for more information on using a PDFSchema with PDF portfolio and embedded files.


For an example, refer to EmbeddedFiles.

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