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Points Property

Gets the list of points for this pencil annotation.
public IList<PDFPoint> Points { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property Points As IList(Of PDFPoint) 
public java.util.List<PDFPoint> getPoints(); 
property IList<PDFPoint>^ Points { 
   IList<PDFPoint>^ get(); 

Property Value

An IList of PDFPoint structures that contain the list of points, in PDF units (1/72 of an inch and bottom-left), of the polyline annotation.


You can create point list from scratch by adding points to the list. The points control the curve path to be created. When creating an annotation pencil, a set of points connected as straight lines will be created and saved in the PDF document instead of given original points. The position is in PDF units (1/72 of an inch and bottom-left). To go to the top of the page, you must go to "0, PageHeight". You can use the PDFDocumentPage.ConvertPoint helper method to convert from pixel or inches to PDF units and back.

The Type property contains a list of the point types (MoveTo or LineTo). These can be used to create disjointed lines if needed. If this list is omitted or is empty, then each segment is treated as if it was a line to the next point (in other words, treated as if the pencil object contains a list of all LineTo items).


For an example, refer to PDFPencilAnnotation.


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