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MergeWith(PDFFile[],string) Method

Merges this PDF file with one or more PDF existing files with optional passwords for each file.
public void MergeWith( 
   PDFFile[] sourceFiles, 
   string destinationFileName 
Public Overloads Sub MergeWith( _ 
   ByVal sourceFiles() As PDFFile, _ 
   ByVal destinationFileName As String _ 
public void mergeWith( 
   PDFFile[] sourceFiles, 
   java.lang.String destinationFileName 
void MergeWith(  
   array<PDFFile^>^ sourceFiles, 
   String^ destinationFileName 


An array of PDFFile objects that contain the names and optional password of the source files to merge with this PDFFile. Must not be null and must contain at least one item and a maximum of 100 items.

Name of the destination PDF file to be created. If the value of this parameter is null then the filename set in FileName will be updated.


This method will merge two or more existing PDF files to form a new file containing all the pages from the pre-existing PDF files. The new file will be constructed as follows:

  • The pages of the PDF file associated with this PDFFile object will be first

  • The pages of the first file in the sourceFiles list will be appended next

  • The pages of the second file in the sourceFiles list will be appended next

  • And so on for each item in sourceFiles.

All the PDF files must pre-exist on disk and must be valid. The sourceFiles parameter must not contain any null items.

To use this method, associate this PDFFile object with a valid PDF file and optional password. You can achieve this by either using the PDFFile(string fileName) or PDFFile(string fileName, string password) constructors or set the filename and optional password directly into the FileName and Password properties. You do not need to call Load before using this method.

This method will use the following properties of this PDFFile object:

  • DocumentProperties. If the value of this property is null, then default properties will be used

  • SecurityOptions. If the value of this property is not null, then the destination file will be encrypted using the properties of this property. If the value of this property is null, the result file will not be encrypted

  • CompatibilityLevel. The version of the generated PDF file

If one or more of the files to merge with are encrypted with a password, then set the required password in its PDFFile item in the sourceFiles array. If none of the files are encrypted, then you can use the MergeWith(string[] sourceFileNames, string destinationFileName) version of this method that allow you to pass a list of System.String's for the filenames instead.


For an example, refer to MergeWith.


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