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The Leadtools.Drawing assembly provides support for painting/drawing to a device, painting on the surface of a LEADTOOLS image, image conversion, region conversion, etc.



Redistributables Paths

Path Target Platform
<installdir>\Redist\DotNet4\Win32 x86 .NET 4 or 4.5
<installdir>\Redist\DotNet4\x64 x64 .NET 4 or 4.5


Library Description Dependencies
Leadtools.Drawing.dll The Leadtools.Drawing assembly contains classes, delegates, enumerations, and structures that support painting to a device or on the surface of a LEADTOOLS image. It also has many functions to convert between different types of images and also to and from different types of region objects.


NuGet PackageDescription
Leadtools.Annotations.UI.WinForms Annotation and Image Markup Library for WinForms
Leadtools.Annotations.UI.Wpf Annotation and Image Markup Library for WPF
Leadtools.Barcode Barcode Library to Detect, Read, and Write 1D and 2D Barcodes
Leadtools.Dicom.Pacs.Scp DICOM PACS Service Class Provider Library
Leadtools.Dicom.Pacs.Scu DICOM PACS Service Class User Library
Leadtools.Document.Sdk Document Imaging Library
Leadtools.Document.Viewer.WinForms Document Imaging Library for WinForms
Leadtools.Document.Viewer.Wpf Document Imaging Library for WPF
Leadtools.Formats.Document Document Formats Library
Leadtools.Formats.Raster.Additional Additional Raster File Formats Library
Leadtools.Formats.Raster.Camera Camera File Formats Library
Leadtools.Formats.Raster.Common Common Raster File Formats Library
Leadtools.Formats.Vector Vector Formats Library
Leadtools.HL7.Messaging HL7 Messaging Library
Leadtools.Image.Processing Image Processing Library
Leadtools.Jpeg2000 JPEG 2000 Library
Leadtools.Jpip JPIP Client and Server Library
Leadtools.Medical.Viewer.WinForms Medical Viewer Library for WinForms
Leadtools.Ocr OCR Library
Leadtools.Ocr.Languages.Additional OCR Library plus Additional Languages
Leadtools.Ocr.Languages.Asian OCR Library plus Additional Asian Languages
Leadtools.Pdf PDF Library
Leadtools.Twain Enhanced TWAIN Library
Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.WinForms Image Viewer Controls for WinForms
Leadtools.Viewer.Controls.Wpf Viewer Controls for WPF
Leadtools.Wia WIA Library

Sample Programs

Description Path Details
Main Demo (Windows Forms)

<installdir>\Examples\DotNet\<CS / VB>\MainDemo

Demonstrates many of the basic and advanced core features of LEADTOOLS.
Document Writers Demo

<installdir>\Examples\DotNet\<CS / VB>\DocumentWritersDemo

Demonstrates the LEADTOOLS Document Writers support.
Draw Demo (Windows Forms)

<installdir>\Examples\DotNet\<CS / VB>\DrawDemo

Demonstrates using the LEADTOOLS RasterImage object as a drawing surface.
Paint While Load Demo (Windows Forms)

<installdir>\Examples\DotNet\<CS / VB>\PaintWhileLoadDemo

Demonstrates buffered painting of an image as the data is being loaded from an input file.
Document Converter Folder Demo (Java)


Demonstrates the LEADTOOLS Document Converters support.

Additional Related Namespaces

Assembly - Class/Namespace Comments
DLL - Leadtools
The Leadtools namespace provides libraries with properties, methods, events, structures and interfaces for building applications with LEADTOOLS SDKs. It is required in all applications.
Converters.DLL - Leadtools.Converters
The Leadtools.Converters namespace provides for interoperation between a LEADTOOLS image (Leadtools.RasterImage) and various other types of images from different environments.
Documents.Converters.DLL - Leadtools.Document.Converter
The Leadtools.Document.Converter namespace can be used to create powerful, automated document conversion, archival and delivery systems for .NET (C# & VB).
Forms.DocumentWriters.DLL -
The Leadtools.Document.Writer namespace provides programming tools for creating popular multipage and searchable documents such as Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and HTML from Scalable Vector Objects (SVG), standard Windows Enhanced Meta File (EMF) and raster image objects.
Svg.DLL - Leadtools.Svg
The Leadtools.Svg namespace can be used to add vector loading, editing, saving, converting and display functionality to applications.


Redistributables Paths

Path Target Platform
<installdir>\Bin\Android\x86_64 (Android) x86_64 Android
<installdir>\Bin\Android\x86 (Android) x86 Android
<installdir>\Bin\Android\arm64-v8a (Android) arm64-v8a Android
<installdir>\Bin\Android\armeabi-v7a (Android) armeabi-v7a Android
<installdir>\Bin\Android\armeabi (Android) armeabi Android
<installdir>\Bin\CDLLVC10\Win32 (Windows) x86 Windows
<installdir>\Bin\CDLLVC10\x64 (Windows) x64 Windows
<installdir>\Bin\Lib\x86 (Linux) x86 Linux
<installdir>\Bin\Lib\x64 (Linux) x64 Linux


Library Description Jars Native Libraries
leadtools.drawing.jar The Leadtools.Drawing assembly supports painting to a device or on the surface of a LEADTOOLS image. It also has many functions to convert between different types of images and also to and from different types of region objects.













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