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RasterPaintEngine Enumeration


Indicates the painting engine to use when rendering images using the Windows GDI or GDI+ engines..

public enum RasterPaintEngine   
Public Enum RasterPaintEngine  
public enum class RasterPaintEngine   

0Gdi Use Windows GDI when painting Leadtools.RasterImage objects
1GdiPlus Use Windows GDI+ when painting Leadtools.RasterImage objects


When the RasterPaintEngine.Gdi engine is used, the RasterImagePainter.Paint method internally will call the Win32 API functions to paint the image.

When the RasterPaintEngine.GdiPlus engine is used, the RasterImagePainter.Paint method internally will call GDI+ Graphics.DrawImage methods to paint the image. Note that if the Leadtools.RasterImage object is not fully compatible with GDI+, the framework will internally make a copy of parts of the image data (bands) and paints them to the destination device. The original data is not converted and no changes will be made to the original image.

Choosing a paint engine depends on the Leadtools.RasterImage object and your specific needs:

  • RasterPaintEngine.Gdi is generally faster than RasterPaintEngine.GdiPlus since painting in Windows is faster using the Windows GDI is faster than using GDI+.
  • If you need to use GDI+ specific features (for example, if the Leadtools.RasterImage has a transparent color or is a 32-bit image with an alpha channel), then use RasterPaintEngine.GdiPlus. RasterPaintEngine.Gdi does not support transparency nor painting the alpha channel values of an image.


For an example, refer to RasterPaintProperties.


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