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Overview and description of Leadtools Document Converter classes, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
DocumentConverter Supports conversion from any type of document to another using SVG, OCR and Raster technologies.
Class DocumentConverterDiagnostics Manages the diagnostics options of the document converter.
Class DocumentConverterJob Document converter job.
Class DocumentConverterJobEventArgs Data for the JobStarted, JobOperation andJobCompleted events.
Class DocumentConverterJobs Manages creating and running jobs in this document converter as well as job status events.
Class DocumentConverterOptions Manages the extra options to use with the document converter.
Class DocumentConverterPreprocessor Manages the pre-processing options of the document converter.
Class StatusJobData Data for a status conversion job.
Class StatusJobDataRunner Runs a conversion job with status update.

Structure Description
DocumentConverterJobData Data for a document converter job.
Structure DocumentConverterJobError Contains information on an document converter job error

Enumeration Description
DocumentConverterAnnotationsMode Annotation conversion options.
Enumeration DocumentConverterConversionModes Types of conversions that were used during the operation of this job.
Enumeration DocumentConverterEmptyPageMode Controls how empty pages are treated during the conversion.
Enumeration DocumentConverterJobErrorMode Controls how the engine handles errors that may occur during conversion.
Enumeration DocumentConverterJobOperation Document converter operation.
Enumeration DocumentConverterJobStatus Job status.
Enumeration DocumentConverterSvgImagesRecognitionMode Determines how image elements inside SVG documents are treated during SVG conversion.

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