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RasterGraphics Class


Represents a GDI+ System.Drawing.Graphics object using a Leadtools.RasterImage as the display surface.

public class RasterGraphics : IDisposable 
Public Class RasterGraphics  
   Implements System.IDisposable  
public ref class RasterGraphics : public System.IDisposable   


An object of this class is returned from the RasterImagePainter.CreateGraphics method that allow you to create an infinite number of drawing capabilities such as paint, erase, color erase and brush, pen, spray gun, flood fill, color tube, text overlay, curve, line, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, freehand shapes, cut and paste, and more.

All GDI+ methods can be used to draw to the image using the returned System.Drawing.Graphics object. The graphics object must be disposed after using it.

If a region is defined for the image, GDI functions act only on the region, not on the entire image.

GDI+ graphics support only those bits per pixel and image types that are supported by the .NET framework System.Drawing.Graphics.FromImage method. If you are using an image that has some other number of bits per pixel, you must use Leadtools.ImageProcessing.ColorResolutionCommand to change the image to a bits per pixel value supported by the DIB driver.

For more information refer to RasterImage and GDI/GDI+.

For more information, refer to Introduction to Image Processing With LEADTOOLS.


For an example, refer to RasterImagePainter.CreateGraphics.


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