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Overview and description of Leadtools Drawing classes, delegates, enumerations, and structures.

Class Description
RasterColorConverter Converts between LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterColor and System.Drawing (GDI+) System.Drawing.Color objects.
Class RasterGraphics Represents a GDI+ System.Drawing.Graphics object using a Leadtools.RasterImage as the display surface.
Class RasterImageConverter Converts a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage to and from GDI and GDI+ image objects.
Class RasterImageGdiPlusGraphicsContainer Encapsulates a GDI+ object used when creating a System.Drawing.Graphics surface of a Leadtools.RasterImage.
Class RasterImagePainter Support for painting a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage using GDI and GDI+ platforms.
Class RasterPaintCallbacks The RasterPaintCallbacks class is used to implement custom painting. The RasterPaintProperties.PaintCallbacks property contains a list of such classes.
Class RasterPaintDibInfo This class describes the image data expected by the custom paint callbacks. It is used with the RasterPaintCallbacks callbacks.
Class RasterRegionConverter Converts between a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterRegion and GDI HRGN and System.Drawing (GDI+) System.Drawing.Region objects.
Class RenderingEngineFactory Engine that can be used to render SVG documents to a GDI+ Graphics or Windows HDC object.
Class Transformer Helper class used for converting physical to logical coordinates and vise-versa based on a given matrix.

Structure Description
RasterPaintProperties Controls the speed, quality, and style used when painting a Leadtools.RasterImage object using the Windows GDI or GDI+ engines.

Delegate Description
PaintCallbackDelegate The prototype for all the RasterPaintCallbacks.

Enumeration Description
ChangeToImageOptions Options to use when changing a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage object to GDI+ System.Drawing.Bitmap.
Enumeration ConvertFromImageOptions Options to use when converting a GDI+ System.Drawing.Bitmap to LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage object.
Enumeration ConvertToImageOptions Options to use when converting a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage object to GDI+ System.Drawing.Bitmap.
Enumeration ImageIncompatibleReason Indicates the reason that the LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage object is not compatible with GDI+.
Enumeration RasterImagePaintCallbackFunction Used to identify the callbacks in a RasterPaintCallbacks class.
Enumeration RasterPaintDibInfoFlags Flags that make up RasterPaintDibInfo.Flags.
Enumeration RasterPaintDisplayModeFlags Contains value that controls the speed, quality, and style of painting operations.
Enumeration RasterPaintEngine Indicates the painting engine to use when rendering images using the Windows GDI or GDI+ engines..

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