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Leadtools.Drawing Classes


Overview and description of Leadtools Drawing classes.

Class Description
RasterColorConverter Converts between LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterColor and System.Drawing (GDI+) System.Drawing.Color objects.
Class RasterGraphics Represents a GDI+ System.Drawing.Graphics object using a Leadtools.RasterImage as the display surface.
Class RasterImageConverter Converts a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage to and from GDI and GDI+ image objects.
Class RasterImageGdiPlusGraphicsContainer Encapsulates a GDI+ object used when creating a System.Drawing.Graphics surface of a Leadtools.RasterImage.
Class RasterImagePainter Support for painting a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterImage using GDI and GDI+ platforms.
Class RasterPaintCallbacks The RasterPaintCallbacks class is used to implement custom painting. The RasterPaintProperties.PaintCallbacks property contains a list of such classes.
Class RasterPaintDibInfo This class describes the image data expected by the custom paint callbacks. It is used with the RasterPaintCallbacks callbacks.
Class RasterRegionConverter Converts between a LEADTOOLS Leadtools.RasterRegion and GDI HRGN and System.Drawing (GDI+) System.Drawing.Region objects.
Class RenderingEngineFactory Engine that can be used to render SVG documents to a GDI+ Graphics or Windows HDC object.
Class Transformer Helper class used for converting physical to logical coordinates and vise-versa based on a given matrix.
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