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SetRegion Method


Sets or updates the RasterRegion object that describes this RasterImage current region.

Public Sub SetRegion( _ 
   ByVal xform As RasterRegionXForm, _ 
   ByVal region As RasterRegion, _ 
   ByVal combineMode As RasterRegionCombineMode _ 
- (BOOL)setRegion:(nullable LTRasterRegionXForm *)xform  
           region:(nullable LTRasterRegion *)region  
            error:(NSError **)error 
public void setRegion( 
   RasterRegionXForm xform,  
   RasterRegion region,  
   RasterRegionCombineMode combineMode 


RasterRegionXForm object that LEADTOOLS uses to translate between display coordinates and image coordinates. If you specify null for this parameter, the scalar fields default to 1, the offsets default to 0, and the view perspective defaults to the image view perspective.

A RasterRegion object to set or update into this RasterImage. If this parameter is an empty region or null, then the current region in the image will be deleted (this is the equivalent of calling MakeRegionEmpty.

The action to take regarding the existing image region, if one is defined.


To get the RasterRegion object that describes the current image region, use GetRegion.

To update an existing region, you specify how the new region is to be combined with the existing one using the combineMode parameter. For more information, refer to RasterRegionCombineMode.

The RasterRegion class provides a platform independent representation of a region of interest in an image that can be used in any platform supported by LEADTOOLS such as GDI, GDI+, and WPF. The RasterRegion class contains extensive methods and properties to manipulate the region data and save/load it to a byte array.

To convert a LEADTOOLS RasterRegion object to/from a device dependent region, you can use the following helper classes:

The RasterRegion class implements the IDisposable interface, so you must call Dispose on any region objects you create after using it.

For more information, refer to Creating a Region.

For more information, refer to Saving A Region.

For more information, refer to Working with the Existing Region.


For an example, refer to RasterRegion.


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