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IsLoading Property


Gets a value that determines whether this RasterImage object is still loading.

public bool IsLoading { get; } 
Public ReadOnly Property IsLoading As Boolean 
public boolean isLoading() 
property bool IsLoading { 
   bool get(); 

Property Value

true if this RasterImage object is still loading; false, otherwise.


The RasterCodecs class supports loading image files asynchronously using the RasterCodecs.LoadAsync methods. When calling any of these methods, the caller thread will not be blocked and the method will return instantly with an instance RasterImage that is in a loading status (RasterImage.IsLoading set to true). You should not use the other properties of this object while the object is in loading status.

When the RasterCodecs object finishes loading the image, the various properties of the RasterImage will be populated with the image information and data and the RasterImage.IsLoading property will be set to false.

It is recommended that you do not poll for the RasterImage.IsLoading property to check when the image is finished loaded, instead, subscribe to the RasterCodecs.LoadAsyncCompleted event to get notification on when the LoadAsync operation is completed and if any errors occurred.

The RasterCodecs.LoadAsyncCompleted event data will also contain the same object returned from RasterCodecs.LoadAsync so you do not have to keep the original object in your application.


For an example, refer to RasterCodecs.GetInformationAsyncCompleted.


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