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AddUserFont(string) Method


Adds a user font stored in a disk file to the LEADTOOLS toolkit.

public static void AddUserFont( 
   string fileName 
Public Shared Sub AddUserFont( 
   ByVal fileName As String 
   static void AddUserFont( 
      String^ fileName 



String containing the name of a valid font file.


Use this method to add one or more user fonts to the LEADTOOLS toolkit. The font data can contain single or many face types and this method can be called multiple times to add several files. LEADTOOLS supports TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf) font formats.

This method allows a process using LEADTOOLS toolkits to use fonts without installing them into the operating system. Refer to LEADTOOLS Draw Engine and Multi-Platform Considerations for more information.

Note that fonts are added to the current draw engine. Therefore, an application must:

  • Change the draw engine to be used by LEADTOOLS using DrawEngine.SetOptions first
  • Then call AddUserFont to add the user font(s)

Use AddUserFont(Stream) to add a font stored in a stream and AddUserFont(byte[],int,int) to add a font file stored in memory.

Use ClearUserFonts to delete all user fonts added to LEADTOOLS.


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