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RasterSizeFlags Enumeration


Flags which control the behavior of image resize methods.

public enum RasterSizeFlags 
Public Enum RasterSizeFlags  
typedef NS_OPTIONS(NSUInteger, LTRasterSizeFlags) 
public enum RasterSizeFlags 
public enum class RasterSizeFlags   

0x00000000None Resize normally
0x00000001FavorBlack (Document/Medical only) Preserve black objects when making the image smaller. This option affects only 1-bit, black-and-white images, where it prevents the disappearance of thin lines. You can use a bitwise OR ( ¦ ) to combine this flag with another one. For example, Resample | FavorBlack causes color images to be resampled, but applies the favor-black option to 1-bit, black-and-white images.If you apply this flag to an image that has more than 1 bit per pixel, then the behavior is undefined.
0x00000002Resample Use linear interpolation and averaging to produce a higher-quality image
0x00000004Bicubic Use bicubic interpolation and averaging to produce a higher quality image. This is slower than Resample
0x00000008ScaleToGray (Document/Medical only). Use interpolation to display black and white images using shades of gray when the image is resized. This improves the readability when the image is scaled up or down. The generated image is 8-bit grayscale, so this option should be used only for black and white images.
0x00000010OldResample Use the old resample algorithm from LEADTOOLS 14.5.
0x00000020PremultiplyAlpha Premultiply the alpha channel values when performing resize.


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