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Leadtools Introduction


LEADTOOLS Imaging Pro is the foundation of all LEADTOOLS SDKs. The LEADTOOLS Class Library provides engines to let you incorporate image display, image compression, file format support (import, export, and conversion), image processing, image conversion, Fast TWAIN scanning, screen capture, display and transition effects, color conversion, printing, database image support, Internet image support, and other imaging functionality into your applications.

Key Features:

  • File Format Support - Read, write and convert image files in over 150 of the most popular standard image formats, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF (including G3/G4, LZW, CMYK, JTIF), PNG, BMP, MODCA/IOCA, PCX, and TGA.
  • Image Processing - Use more than 200 digital filters and transforms to process images (or selected portions). Includes smooth, sharpen, edge detect/enhance, modify brightness/contrast/gamma, change hue and saturation, red-eye removal, unsharp mask, add noise, and resize and rotate images using various resampling techniques (including bicubic).
  • Color Conversion - Changing the color mode changes the amount of data stored per pixel, which alters an image's memory/disk requirements. Convert between color modes, such as 24-bit true-color, 8-bit indexed, 1-bit black/white, and many others.
  • Compression - Compress images using the best and fastest compression algorithms, such as JPEG, CMP, LZW, G3/G4, Huffman, and run-length. LEADTOOLS offers comprehensive support for compression schemes found in standard raster file formats, as well as high-performance proprietary compression technologies that outperform the industry standards.
  • High-Speed Image Display/Effects - Render images or selected regions to a display device while controlling quality, position/scaling, resample method (normal/bilinear/bicubic), brightness/contrast/gamma, color-reduction/dithering, image (source) and device (destination) clipping, resize, rotate, and other controls. Navigate large images using a small pan-window, browse a group of images using a thumbnail viewer, or apply 2000+ paint transitions and effects between viewed images.
  • Fast TWAIN Scanning - Control image acquisition from any device (scanner, digital camera, etc) which supports TWAIN. Use a device's built-in user-interface or create your own.
  • Printing - Print images or selected regions while controlling position/scaling, halftoning/dithering. Print multiple images and text to a single or multiple pages.
  • Image Optimizer - Optimize images for websites or applications by reducing colors and maximizing compression.
  • Database Imaging - Store images (any supported file-format/compression-technique) to a variety of databases, including SQL, Oracle or any database which supports ODBC, OLE DB, or that can be bound via .NET data control connections.
  • Common Dialogs - Imaging Common Dialogs provide a set of common dialog boxes that combine Windows Common Dialog functionality with LEADTOOLS imaging functionality. Common dialogs are provided for every LEADTOOLS image processing function, plus FileOpen, FileSave, Color Resolution, Image Processing/Filtering, Effects and others. You can specify your own String and/or Text, as well as handle Language Customization - a great feature for globalizing software.
  • Internet - Includes functions to load images from URLs or memory streams. LEADTOOLS products can be used to extend functionality on a server or in Internet Explorer.
  • Mixed Raster Content format, defined for use for color and grayscale fax as part of the T44 standard, is provided by the LEADTOOLS Mixed Raster Content .NET Class Library.
  • Screen Capture functions enable your applications to capture images that can be used with any of the LEADTOOLS image processing functions, and save them to any of the 150+ image file formats that LEAD supports.

Supported Environments

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