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FromStream Method


Wraps a .NET System.IO.Stream as an ILeadStream object.

public static ILeadStream FromStream( 
   Stream stream, 
   bool autoDisposeStream 
Public Shared Function FromStream( 
   ByVal stream As Stream, 
   ByVal autoDisposeStream As Boolean 
) As ILeadStream 



.NET System.IO.Stream object to use. This value will be set into the LeadStream.Stream property.


true if the stream should be disposed when this LeadStream disposes; otherwise, false.

Return Value

ILeadStream object. This method returns an instance of LeadStream.


This method will create a new instance of LeadStream with Stream set to stream. This object can then be passed to the various LEADTOOLS class members that accepts an ILeadStream object. Such as RasterCodecs.GetInformationAsync, RasterCodecs.LoadAsync, RasterCodecs.LoadSvgAsync or RasterCodecs.SaveAsync.

LEADTOOLS supports seekable and non-seekable streams. If the stream is non-seekable, it will internally use the RasterCodecs feed load mechanism to perform the action. Refer to RasterCodecs.StartFeedLoad for more information.

The method will create a new instance of LeadFileStream using:

return new LeadStream(stream, autoDisposeStream); 

Refer to RasterCodecs Async Operations for more information and examples.


For .NET Framework: A reference to the Leadtools.Async.dll assembly is required to use this functionality.

For .NET Standard: This functionality is included in the Leadtools.dll assembly.

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