useAjaxImageLoading Property


Determines how images will be loaded when a new document is loaded.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentViewer.prototype, 'useAjaxImageLoading', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
useAjaxImageLoading: boolean; 

Property Value

true if the application should use the ajaxDataUrl mode to load images; false if the application should use the imageUrl mode instead. The default value is false.


This property determines how images will be loaded for DocumentViewerThumbnails (regardless of the value of useGrids), and DocumentViewerView. Using AJAX allows the application to hook to the prepareAjax event to modify the request to suit your application's needs. The AJAX method, route, parameters, data, and headers can all be changed.

This property will also determine how images are loaded when the url is set (either externally or when an image is reloaded through autoRemoveItemElements). The DocumentViewer hooks into the imageLoading event to change the urlMode to match the value kept in accordance with this value. To change the ImageLoaderUrlMode back for those cases, employ this same strategy and hook to the imageLoading event in your application.

Using AjaxDataUrl also allows for the use of ImageLoader.processAjaxData to access the underlying binary data from the response.


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