start Method


Starts internal comparison operations.

CompareView.prototype.start = function() 
start(): void; 


Based off the tick-rate that was set with the setCompareTickrate function, the CompareView object will perform the following workflow:

  1. Check an internal cache to see if any new page's text has been cached since the last tick. If no new pages were cached, then the CompareView will not proceed.
  2. Build a string-representation and text-map of all the pages for both LEADDocuments that are in the DocumentViewers.
  3. Call the Document Service StringCompare API endpoint.
  4. Parse the returns from the service into a DocumentDifference object on the client-side.
  5. Update the differences object with the new diff set.
  6. Create and add new AnnTextHiliteObjects for each diff region in the viewer. For more information, refer to metadataKey.


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