initialize Method


Initialize the annotation automations used by this DocumentViewerAnnotations.

DocumentViewerAnnotations.prototype.initialize = function() 
initialize(): void; 


Initialize must be called by the application after this object finishes loading all the annotations containers of the current LEADDocument and the user has created the necessary annotation rendering engine and any other optional automation componets in response to DocumentViewerOperation.CreateAutomation. Refer to DocumentViewerAnnotations for more information.

The following occurs during Initialize

  1. AnnAutomationManager.CreateDefaultObjects is called to create the automation objects for all AnnAutomationManager.Objects

  2. The AnnAutomationObject.DrawDesignerType of all objects that derive from AnnTextReviewObject is replaced with an internal class that handles proper text selection (using DocumentViewerSelectTextInteractiveMode)

  3. The DrawDesignerType of SelectObjectId object type is set to null. This will remove the support for selecting annotations objects using rubber-banding. This mode does not work with other image viewer interactive modes


For an example, refer to DocumentViewerAnnotations.


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