viewCreateOptions Property


Options to use when creating the image viewer for the view.

Object.defineProperty(DocumentViewerCreateOptions.prototype, 'viewCreateOptions', 
	get: function() 
viewCreateOptions: ImageViewerCreateOptions; // read-only 

Property Value

Options to use when creating the image viewer for the view. Default value is a new instance of ImageViewerCreateOptions. The UseElements property will be ignored and always set to true.


This is set to a new instance of ImageViewerCreateOptions object that will be used to create the ImageViewer used with View. You can set values in this option to override the default behavior if needed.

Note ViewCreateOptions and ThumbnailsCreateOptions are already initialized for you, do not set a new object in these properties. Modify the object directly if needed:

documentViewerCreateOptions.viewCreateOptions.useElements = false; 
// or 
var viewCreateOptions = documentViewerCreateOptions.viewCreateOptions;  
viewCreateOptions.useElements = false; 


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