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Leadtools.Document.Viewer Delegates


Overview and description of Leadtools Document Viewer delegates.

Delegate Description
AnnotationsRendererCreatedCallback User callback to invoke when document print has created the annotation rendering engine to use.
Delegate DocumentViewerAsyncAlways The callback to run after a command is run asynchronously.
Delegate DocumentViewerAsyncDone The callback to run asynchronously.
Delegate DocumentViewerAsyncError The callback to run if an error occurs when a command is run asynchronously.
Delegate DocumentViewerCanRunCommand Checks if the command can run using the specified value.
Delegate DocumentViewerFindTextResultsHandler A callback used when a DocumentViewerText.Find operation completes.
Delegate DocumentViewerIsSlowCommand Checks if the command will be slow when run using the specified value.
Delegate DocumentViewerRunCommand Run the command and perform its action using the specified value.
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