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Overview and description of Leadtools Document Viewer classes, delegates, and enumerations.

Class Description
AnnotationsInteractiveMode Provides support for using the mouse or touch to handle the annotations objects in automation mode.
Class CompareView Class for streamed document comparison and visualization.
Class CurrentPageNumberChangeData Data describing the context of a DocumentViewer.currentPageNumber change.
Class DocumentPrintData Data from a DocumentViewer.Print operation.
Class DocumentPrintPageData Data for a page used for printing with DocumentViewer.Print.
Class DocumentViewer The DocumentViewer is the main class used by the Document Viewer.
Class DocumentViewerAnnotations Manages the annotations support in this document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerAsyncOperation Data to use when a command is run asynchronously.
Class DocumentViewerBookmarks Manages the bookmarks and table of content in this document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerCommand Contains the data for a command to use with the document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerCommands Manages the commands of the document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerCreateOptions Options to use when creating new DocumentViewer objects.
Class DocumentViewerDiagnostics Manages the diagnostic rendering in this document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerFactory Factory object to use when creating new document viewer instances.
Class DocumentViewerFindText Contains options for a find text operation.
Class DocumentViewerMultiLineTextItem Wraps an array of DocumentViewerTextItem.
Class DocumentViewerOperationEventArgs Event data for the Operation event.
Class DocumentViewerPageLinksInteractiveMode Provides support for using the mouse or touch to click on page links and invoke their targets.
Class DocumentViewerPrintProgress Print progress data.
Class DocumentViewerSelectTextInteractiveMode Provides support for using the mouse or touch to select text in the document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerText Manages the text operations in this document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerTextItem The properties of a selected item of text in the document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerTextPosition Represents a page number and character index in the document.
Class DocumentViewerThumbnails Manages the thumbnails in this document viewer.
Class DocumentViewerView Manages the main content view in this document viewer.
Class PrintDocumentOptions Specify the document printing options (Selected pages, Page size and orientation).

Delegate Description
AnnotationsRendererCreatedCallback User callback to invoke when document print has created the annotation rendering engine to use.
Delegate DocumentViewerAsyncAlways The callback to run after a command is run asynchronously.
Delegate DocumentViewerAsyncDone The callback to run asynchronously.
Delegate DocumentViewerAsyncError The callback to run if an error occurs when a command is run asynchronously.
Delegate DocumentViewerCanRunCommand Checks if the command can run using the specified value.
Delegate DocumentViewerFindTextResultsHandler A callback used when a DocumentViewerText.Find operation completes.
Delegate DocumentViewerIsSlowCommand Checks if the command will be slow when run using the specified value.
Delegate DocumentViewerRunCommand Run the command and perform its action using the specified value.

Enumeration Description
CurrentPageNumberChangedCause An enumeration detailing the cause of DocumentViewer.currentPageNumber changes.
Enumeration DocumentPrintPageAction An enumeration to determine the preparation actions to take when printing.
Enumeration DocumentViewerFindTextStart An enumeration for selecting the starting position of a DocumentViewerText.Find operation.
Enumeration DocumentViewerItemType Determines how to view the image data of the pages.
Enumeration DocumentViewerLineSelectionMode Enumeration listing the ways the viewer handles soft line breaks found in the text.
Enumeration DocumentViewerOperation Values which specify a document viewer operation.
Enumeration DocumentViewerSelectTextMode Mode to use when selecting text.
Enumeration PrintOrientation Determine the printing pages orientation.

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