selectedBorderColor Property


Indicates the border color of the series when selected.

Object.defineProperty(Series.prototype, 'selectedBorderColor', 
	get: function(), 
	set: function(value) 
selectedBorderColor: string; 

Property Value

A string value that represents the border color of the highlighted series.


selectedBorderColor is only applied when the number of sub-cells is just 1. If there is more than one sub-cell, use the properties HighlightedSubCellBorderColor and SelectedSubCellBorderColor.

The difference between the selected sub-cell and the highlighted sub-cell is that the selected sub-cell is the sub-cell inside a selected cell. However, the highlighted sub-cell is the active sub-cell inside a selected cell. To change the highlighted sub-cell's color, refer to HighlightedSubCellBorderColor.

To get the selected sub-cell, refer to SelectedItems.


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